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Taking it to the street

By: | April 16, 2014

Vol. 1 Issue 2
Spring 2014

About 5 years ago I had a chat with a retired fireman about photography and he was telling me about a series of portraits he had seen displayed at a local office. These protraits were of people we were both familiar with, people who we would often see downtown when we were kids. The striking thing about all this was that they’re all gone now — these people are just memories.

Add to this the fact that as a photographer I have been influenced by many greats over my life, some of whom have focused on people and helped to tell their stories. I wanted to do that, I wanted to begin to show the variety and character of people through my photography. I wanted to let people see we are all different yet somehow show we are also much the same.

Here are some of those photos…

Taking it to the street 01Taking it to the street 02Taking it to the street 03Taking it to the street 04Taking it to the street 05Taking it to the street 06Taking it to the street 07Taking it to the street 08Taking it to the street 09Taking it to the street 10Taking it to the street 11Taking it to the street 12Taking it to the street 13


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