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Azzo Rezori

Azzo Rezori

Azzo Rezori is a Canadian journalist who retired in 2016 from the CBC in St. John's, where he reported both for television and radio. Before joining the CBC, he worked for several newspapers from Saskatchewan to Newfoundland. He was born in Germany, studied zoology in Dublin, Ireland, and switched to journalism after emigrating to Canada in his late twenties. He lives in St. John's with his wife Brenda and their daughter Gaia.

Published Articles

  • Of assholes and Donald Trump

    When assholism becomes desirable.

    Published on February 26, 2017
  • A walk on Signal Hill

    The more we discuss alternatives, the more we seem to return to the same old game that’s played with worn-out party logos behind which elites make the decisions.

    Published on May 9, 2016
  • If you love this province

    Newfoundland and Labrador needs its young people now more than ever.

    Published on April 30, 2016


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