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The rural used to be radical. What happened?

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Rural space is work space, not a leisure space. The city should be a space for working people, not a playground for the rich. Urban workers and rural workers have this in common: consumer capitalism has endangered their ability to live and play in the same place where they earn a living. While both sets of workers are under threat, the rural worker has been rendered invisible by stereotypes, assumptions, and ignorance.

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From Newfoundland to the edge of the galaxy: Encountering Ursula K. Le Guin

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Le Guin’s worlds reshaped our own

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Reading utopia to reclaim the University

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The university should be a publicly funded place to imagine a better world.

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The hidden costs of exploiting contract faculty

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Universities’ growing reliance on the exploitation of contract faculty erodes institutions of higher learning, and MUN is no different.

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