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Maybe you want to share a photo, cartoon or comic? is a space for journalists, artists, creative writers and other innovative thinkers to express themselves. If you have something you feel is important to say — whether it’s in the form of a news or feature article, poem, short story, photograph, painting, comic, or opinion column — this is the place to share it. Our goal is to foster healthy dialogue around the issues and events that matter most to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

Send news tips, story ideas, column pitches or other proposals to justin (at) theindependent (dot) ca, but please read our submission guidelines (below) first.

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Submission Guidelines


Before pitching a news story idea to us, please consider the following:

  • Is the topic or subject matter relevant or important to Newfoundland and Labrador?
  • Has the story already been reported (adequately) by other local media? We are most interested in publishing stories on underreported, or inadequately reported, topics and issues.
  • Does your story idea feature crime and/or violence? There are already plenty of stories and photos of people being led into and out of courtrooms on the front pages of local papers. The Independent is not interested in merely telling our readers that such things are happening, but more importantly why they are happening. Can your story help us better understand the nature of these problems?
  • Is your story solutions-oriented? Bonus points if, in addition to vividly depicting an important problem, it also informs our readers about the efforts people, groups, communities or government are undertaking to address the problem.
  • News articles should be between 500 and 1,500 words, depending on the nature of the story. We are in the process of developing our own style guide, but for now we loosely adhere to Canadian Press (CP) Style.

If we are interested in your idea, one of our editors will work with you to develop it into a story ready for publication.

You can pitch your story idea to Justin Brake at justin (at) theindependent (dot) ca.

Opinion / Columns

One of The Independent’s goals is to provide a space for those who have something important and insightful to share. Opinion writing differs from news writing because it typically conveys an experience-based or well-researched argument or opinion by the writer. Columns do not require that people be interviewed and quoted in the article, but they must be insightful, well-researched, well-written and either present a solid argument or ask intelligent, thought-provoking questions. If you would like to be an Indy guest columnist – or if you want to pitch an idea for a regular column – send an email to justin (at) theindependent (dot) ca.

Letters to the Editor

The Independent welcomes letters to the editor from anyone on any topic of interest or concern. Please limit letters to 500 words. We reserve the right to edit any letter we receive, without consent of the author, for grammar, spelling, brevity or any other reason. We will do our best to ensure the message of the letter is not lost, but this may be difficult if you greatly exceed 500 words. If you would like to write something longer, you might want to consider submitting a guest column. If you would like to submit a photo or other form of digital artwork to accompany your letter, please review our guideline submissions for ‘Photos and Artwork’.