Canadian politics needs…more poetry?

Written By: | November 19, 2017

There’s been a serious degradation in political speech in recent years, says parliamentary poet laureate

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Uncovering the early years of organized soccer in Newfoundland

By: | October 28, 2017

MUN professor appeals for help from the public.

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“We feel powerless and terrible”: Inuit artist galvanized by Muskrat Falls

By: | October 13, 2017

Heather Campbell’s “Methylmercury” is now part of the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s contemporary Inuit art collection. The Rigolet-born artist is also selling prints to raise money for the Labrador Land Protectors.

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Make Muskrat Inquiry right, say critics

By: | October 7, 2017

An inquiry must include a forensic audit of Nalcor Energy, many argue.

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Muskrat Falls resistance growing across Canada

By: | October 4, 2017

Embattled hydro megaproject is a test of the federal government’s commitment to reconciliation and internationally recognized rights of Indigenous peoples, say organizers.

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“We’re working as if this is our time”: Sharpe

By: | September 22, 2017

Young candidates focus on social justice, climate change and democratic reform, offering voters a new path in building a healthy and sustainable city.

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Time to discuss ideas, not barriers: Women in St. John’s election

By: | August 31, 2017

Candidates say while they face gender-based barriers to running for public office, during election campaigns isn’t the time to focus on that. They want to talk ideas.

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“This is us against Nalcor”: Mud Lake leader

By: | August 29, 2017

Melissa Best explains why she got arrested outside the Muskrat Falls site Friday.

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Mud Lake community leader arrested at Muskrat Falls

By: | August 26, 2017

Melissa Best “goes to bed every night praying to God that she don’t wake up with her ankles in water,” says daughter.

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Injunctions, RCMP deployment “classic pacification”: Professor

By: | August 3, 2017

Nalcor’s use of court injunctions and the government’s approval of RCMP deployment to quell resistance to Muskrat Falls are common tactics used to remove Indigenous people from their lands and facilitate resource development, says Shiri Pasternak.

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