Photo by Justin Brake.

Transgressive resistance to Muskrat Falls

Written By: | March 27, 2017

Which side are you on?

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The Wall in Bethlehem, West Bank. Montecruz Foto / Flickr

Observations from Palestine

By: | March 26, 2017

As Canadian citizens and as human beings we should be compelled to stand up for the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza.

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Photo by Brian Carey.

Poverty rate shockingly high in the U.S., just as rampant in Canada

By: | March 22, 2017

Five million people in Canada are living in poverty.

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Photo by Justin Brake.

Press Freedom and the Law 101

By: | March 19, 2017

No consistent rulings or approach in Canadian courts to journalism and the law.

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Photo by Lisa McBride.

DIY maple syrup: building a local tradition

By: | March 3, 2017

Eight years into our do-it-yourself adventures in maple syrup, things are getting serious.

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Photo by Jon James Myers.

R.I.P. Parks and Wildlife Divisions

By: | March 2, 2017

Recent provincial government restructuring included the destruction of Parks and Natural Areas Division and the dismantling of Wildlife Division.

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Photo by Daniel Smith.

Snelgrove verdict brings consent into focus

By: | February 28, 2017

Police officer’s acquittal in sexual assault case demonstrates how justice system fails rape victims.

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Photo by Gage Skidmore / Flickr.

Of assholes and Donald Trump

By: | February 26, 2017

When assholism becomes desirable.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Germany two days after the European Union Parliament voted to ratify CETA. Photo: Government of Canada.

Lessons from the fight against CETA

By: | February 21, 2017

Why has government ignored all information detailing the potential negative consequences of CETA and gleefully implemented legislation to activate it?

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Photo: Disney / ABC Television Group (Flickr)

Right wing populism in Canada is not to be underestimated

By: | February 19, 2017

With Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary mimicking some of Donald Trump’s campaign tactics, nothing should be taken for granted.

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