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Comprehensive health care still lacking in Canada

Written By: | May 28, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel deplores “pay-or-die” health care system in U.S., but coverage in Canada lacking, too.

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Seize back our University

By: Robin Whitaker, George Jenner & Ken Snelgrove | May 18, 2017

Faculty members call for MUN administrators and government to renew their commitment to the public university.

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Memorial University President Gary Kachanoski and V-P Academic and Provost Noreen Golfman prepare to leave a May 11 Board of Regents meeting at MUN after students entered and occupied the room to protest proposed tuition and other fee hikes for select students. Photo by Daniel Smith.

Intersectional feminism does not uphold capitalism

By: | May 16, 2017

MUN Provost Dr. Noreen Golfman is waving the feminist flag while perpetuating class oppression.

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Demonstrators at an anti-Trump rally in London, January 30, 2017. Photo by Alisdare Hickson / Flickr.

Is Trump a fascist?

By: | May 13, 2017

With the vast resources of propaganda and surveillance now available to our rulers, there’s no need to imprison citizens’ bodies when it’s so much easier to “imprison” their minds, writes Ed Finn.

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MUN tuition and the myth of meritocracy

By: | May 11, 2017

Ahead of Thursday’s decision by Memorial University’s Board of Regents to raise tuition for select students, the school’s provost revealed the fiction on which administrators hold the belief they’re not hurting students.

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The rise of nativism in NL politics

By: | May 11, 2017

Our provincial and post-secondary leaders are playing with a dangerous idea.

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Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour Gerry Byrne is successfully dividing and conquering the Memorial University community, says Jon Parsons. Facebook photo.

MUN community must unite against provincial government’s austerity

By: | May 4, 2017

Questionable strategy, fractured university community means everyone loses.

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Memorial University President Gary Kachanoski, Vice-President Academic and Provost Noreen Golfman, and Vice-President Finances Kent Decker react to a MUN students question at the April 27 town hall on budget cuts to the university. The student, Kerri Neil, asked why the university is spending millions on headhunters, and why Kachanoski "feels he is worth more, and should earn more, than the prime minister of Canada?" Memorial University / YouTube.

No, it does not cost $26K to educate a student

By: | May 3, 2017

In the fight over post-secondary funding, incorrect math is being used for political purposes.

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Photo: United Steelworkers / Flickr.

Workers’ safety is a national disgrace

By: | April 27, 2017

Canada has more workplace injuries and deaths per capita than most other developed nations.

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A protester holds a sign outside a DFO office in St. John's, asking representatives of the federal ministry, along with NL Premier Dwight Ball, to meet with FISH-NL Richard Gillett, who was on hunger strike at the time. Mark Croft / Facebook.

Fishers need dialogue, not explanations

By: | April 24, 2017

Scientists don’t need to do a better job of explaining themselves to fishers — they need to do a better job of listening to them.

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