Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Germany two days after the European Union Parliament voted to ratify CETA. Photo: Government of Canada.

Lessons from the fight against CETA

Written By: | February 21, 2017

Why has government has ignored all information detailing the potential negative consequences of CETA and gleefully implemented legislation to activate it?

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Rocket January 2017

Photo: Disney / ABC Television Group (Flickr)

Right wing populism in Canada is not to be underestimated

By: | February 19, 2017

With Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary mimicking some of Donald Trump’s campaign tactics, nothing should be taken for granted.

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Photo courtesy Daniel Smith.

After the Human Shield

By: | February 6, 2017

“When we are tempted to group people into categories, let us fight that temptation, and get to know our friends instead. Let us challenge the instinct to judge.”

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On Jan. 1, 2017 scientists adjusted the Doomsday Clock to two-and-a-half minutes to midnight, citing alarm over Trump's "'ill-considered comments about expanding the U.S. nuclear arsenal' and his appointment of cabinet members who dismiss global warming as a hoax," writes Ed Finn. Photo by Krissy Venosdale / Flickr.

World’s super-rich are wrecking the planet

By: | February 2, 2017

But they plan to survive civilization’s collapse.

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Rising Tide Theatre is touring its Revue 2016 production around the province until March 10. Photo courtesy Rising Tide Theatre.

Revue 2016: The good, the bad and the ugly

By: | January 26, 2017

Rising Tide Theatre strikes again in hilariously highlighting the absurdity of N.L. politics. But is it a foregone conclusion that there’s nothing we can do about the pitiful status quo?

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Occupy NL sign at Harbourside Park.  - Photo by Justin Brake

I remember Occupy

By: | January 25, 2017

Have our values and the way we approach activism changed in the past five years?

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Photo: Andrew / Flickr.

We can fight neoliberalism and mitigate its impacts at the same time

By: | January 19, 2017

Whether or not global plutocracy can be toppled, its billions of victims need immediate help.

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Thousands protested the Liberal government's 2016 austerity budget, which included the announcement of a 10 percent provincial tax on books. Photo by Matt Barter.

The Ball Government’s attack on N.L. society

By: | January 12, 2017

The Liberals’ book tax is part of a bigger, disturbing pattern.

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Photo by Mikey G / Flickr.

BOOK REVIEW: “Beyond Banksters” by Joyce Nelson

By: | January 6, 2017

Joyce Nelson’s “Beyond Banksters” is an eye-opening, must-read exposé of a ravenous financial system.

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Photo: Homeless Hub / Flickr

Persistence of massive child poverty in Canada a national disgrace

By: | December 17, 2016

And not just at Christmas time.

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