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The hidden costs of exploiting contract faculty

Written By: | August 17, 2017

Universities’ growing reliance on the exploitation of contract faculty erodes institutions of higher learning, and MUN is no different.

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Gender Binary

The song that never ends: About men and women in tech

By: | August 16, 2017

The recent “Google memo” reminds us that we need to start thinking about gender in STEM differently.

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Going vegan at 91

By: | August 14, 2017

Conversion to a plant-based diet is the key to better health — for people and the planet.

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Policing the RNC

By: | July 20, 2017

A police services board could help address challenges facing the RNC and should be given serious consideration.

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Nalcor and the corporation's subcontractors consistently filmed and documented Indigenous-led protests, prayers and ceremonies at the Muskrat Falls site. Photo by Justin Brake.

Colonialism, hate, and the media

By: | July 12, 2017

Racism and hatred are growing in Canada. The role of the media should be to combat it, not promote it.

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At Nalcor's 2013 AGM, more than a month after SNC-Lavalin allegedly tried to tell the corporation about its projected 39 percent cost overruns, Ed Martin said "I’m confident we are on cost and on schedule.” Image: M5 Marketing & Communications for Nalcor Energy.

The truth about Ed

By: | July 9, 2017

The former Nalcor CEO has a history of misleading the public on cost overruns at Muskrat Falls. It’s time for an investigation.

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Royal Newfoundland Constabulary / Facebook

Police officers do not make Pride safe

By: | July 6, 2017

Including police in the Pride March is not a sign of progress.

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On May 11, 2017 thousands of union delegates from across Canada took part in a street party in Toronto’s financial sector during lunch hour. They flew their flags championing equity, green jobs, and an end to Islamophobia as key to a fair future for all Canadians. Canadian Labour Congress / Facebook.

Acknowledging the labour movement on Canada’s 150th

By: | June 30, 2017

As we acclaim Canada’s builders after 150 years, the vital role of trade unions remains overlooked.

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Johnson GEO Centre / Facebook.

Government and industry cash-for-access dates are wrong

By: | June 29, 2017

And members of the public are understandably upset.

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Muskrat Falls protests in Labrador, 2016. Photo by Justin Brake.

Muskrat Falls and the ethical imperative of revolt

By: | June 28, 2017

Any self-respecting people would rise up.

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