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Oil, gas, and cognitive dissonance

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We remember the last oil boom, right? Couple years ago? And the bust that followed? Wealthy people got considerably wealthier while the rest of us strained to see the benefits promised us. What weren’t hard to see were the deep cuts to the public sector after all those revenues (on which the government decided to be fully dependent) suddenly vanished. And the public continues to pay the price. It’s 2018. We’ve known for many years that the future of human beings depends on cutting dependence on fossil fuels. Scientists the world over have insisted this is the case. In a 2012 report, the World Bank stated that “we’re on track for a 4 degree Celsius warmer world by century’s end marked by extreme heat waves, declining global food stocks, loss of ecosystems and biodiversity, and life-threatening sea level rise.” The Tyndall Centre for Climate Research says this rise in 4…

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NDP leader pressed on plans to go after oil industry for more money

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“I think any agreement can be opened,” NDP Lorraine Michael said on CBC television over the weekend. Michael was responding to questions about her campaign promise to add a new 3% surtax on the Hebron partnership. Michael re-iterated that she was not afraid to throw out the Hebron contract to deliver on her promise. “I think we can ask for more money, and I intend to go after it.” Michael admitted that she is not sure how an NDP government would accomplish this, even though the Hebron agreement with the government specifically says the contract cannot be changed. Source: CBC

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