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Charity is Not Enough

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Two cheers for us. The instant we heard that fire had destroyed the Community Food Sharing Association (CFSA) warehouse and its stock of food last Wednesday, people in this province reacted with their usual generosity. Alongside the scores who donated quietly, a long list of local businesses, public figures and organizations sprang into action. By Saturday, donations to the CFSA had topped $300,000 in cash and 50,000 pounds of food for distribution to food banks across Newfoundland and Labrador. The Edge, the Growlers, the oil industry, vendors at the farmer’s market, the public library, municipal councils, labour organizations, politicians and media outlets including VOCM and CBC, are among the many who rallied. Topping the charts, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador donated $50,000 to food banks and, in a giffed-up exchange between the premier and Eg Walters, handed over keys to a replacement warehouse. Wait. What? Think about that for…

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Spending our way to more poverty

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Millions spent on the provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy compared to percentage indicators of poverty in NL

In 2006, Danny Williams declared poverty reduction a strategic priority for the province. Since then childhood poverty has risen 70%.

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