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NEIA responds to provincial government’s environmental actions plans

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The Newfoundland and Labrador Environment Industry Association (NEIA) says that it is pleased to see the release of two action plans from the government concerning climate change and energy efficiency. “We are pleased that this Government is taking a strong position on climate change and energy efficiencies.” said NEIA Executive Director Linda Bartlett “We are aware there are concerns on meeting carbon emission targets by 2020 and are looking forward to Government addressing these issues.” The Climate Change Action Plan outlines the provinces’ strategic approach to climate change for the next five years. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the current impact of global warming are the main focal points of this document. The Energy Efficiency Action Plan is the province’s first strategy wholly dedicated to energy efficiency. The plan highlights the benefits of energy efficiency including lower household energy bills, reduced dependency on unsustainable energy sources, improved business competitiveness, and air pollutant reduction.

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