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MacKay arrives to Lobster Fest in style – in challenger jet

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CBC is reporting that Defence Minister Peter MacKay, already facing scrutiny for flying in a military helicopter while on vacation in Newfoundland, also took a military Challenger business jet to reach his Nova Scotia riding for a lobster dinner. MacKay has defended arranging for the Cormorant helicopter, which he said was not for personal use but for work. He wanted to participate in a search and rescue demonstration with 103 Squadron at Gander and cut short his salmon fishing trip to do so. CBC is also reporting that the challenger jet ride cost taxpayers $25,000, however it should be noted that many of the quoted costs of the challenger jets are incurred whether or not the jet is actually flown. Also, governments have reduced challenger jet use to the point where pilots are having to fly passenger-less just to ensure they accrue the required hours for the aircraft.

Source: CBC

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