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Aylward maintains that Liberals are a factor in 25 ridings

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To the polls be damned. Liberal leader Kevin Aylward said yesterday that according to his party’s internal polling, the Liberal party is close in at least two dozen races. “What we also see, in many of the districts — and we’re in play in 15 to 25, easily 25 to 30 districts — we have candidates who are possible winners,” he said. Polls throughout the campaign would seem to suggest otherwise; polls from various sources have consistently put the Liberals in third place in public opinion behind the NDP. The Independent‘s own analysis of Liberal strength throughout the province in 2007 (click here), in combination with the events thus far in this campaign, would also strongly indicate that Aylward’s predictions are unlikely. Somewhere between the polls and Aylward’s comments lies reality.

Source: CBC

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