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Who is using the local food banks?

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The folks over at cbc.ca/nl have started to use clever graphics to deliver interesting information, and has done so again with new statistics from Food Banks Canada’s annual Hunger Count report. You can check out the very long graphic here, but if you’d rather just the text, take a look below.

Food Bank Use in Newfoundland and Labrador
28,642 – Number of people in NL served by a food bank this March
37.3% – Percentage of those people who were children
9,090 – Number of households that have used food banks
67% – Percentage of food bank users who are tenants of social housing
56% – Percentage of food bank users that are women
5% – Percentage of food bank users that are over 65
1.2% – Percentage of food bank users that are post-secondary students
7% – Percentage food bank use dropped from 2010
5.1% – Percentage food bank use is up from 2008

Source: CBC

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