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Loyola Sullivan accused of conflict of interest in work with OCI

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Ocean Choice International is getting knocked from all directions – this time from the provincial Liberal party. The CBC has reported that the party’s fisheries critic Jim Bennett has asked the federal ethics and conflict of interest commissioner to investigate whether or not Loyola Sullivan’s employment with OCI is breaking the rules. Sullivan was Canada’s fisheries conservation ambassador until taking a job with OCI; current rules require bureaucrats sit out for a one-year cooling-off period before taking on private-sector employment which relates to their former public work. “Prior to taking this job, I did submit, to (the) conflict of interest (commissioner) last June, my job description to them,” Sullivan told the CBC. “I spoke to them on at least two occasions, and was given the go-ahead to be able to accept this employment.”

OCI continues to get hammered in the public arena, and this latest accusation is a kick while the company is down. Why is OCI being treated as an enemy in every situation – when it has employed hundreds and hundreds of Newfoundlanders for years? With the NDP supporting the union at every turn, the governing PC’s rejecting every proposal the company has put forward, and now the Liberals attacking the family that runs the company, who can OCI turn to in order to make progress?

Source: CBC

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