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New Harbour doctor zeroes in on shortages at Carbonear hospital

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The Compass today features a comprehensive interview with Dr. Paul Bonisteel, a family physician in New Harbour, Trinity Bay. Dr. Bonisteel, reacting to news that a specialist has been recruited for the nearby hospital, is critical of Eastern Health’s hiring practices. “Time and time again, we have seen when they fill one (specialist) position, the effort to fill the second seems to slack off. And that’s not just in obstetrics, that’s across a slate of different specialties, and not just in Carbonear, but in many of the (health care) institutions across the province.” The wide ranging interview covers a lot of ground on the state of the province’s health care system, and brings to light a lot of the problems faced in more rural areas when referring patients to specialists. Dr. Bonisteel said he thinks, “a lot of that comes from not being visionary about the … services you’re providing. If you’re going to be purely custodial and have no vision, then the status quo is going to prevail. And if the status quo isn’t good enough, then you’re not going anywhere because nobody’s got a plan to think outside the box.” Read the full article on The Compass via the link below.

Source: The Compass

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