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The Axe Man Cometh

in Landwash by

The silver flash of a swinging axe
There in the mid-day sun
And to end each swing the steely ring
Told of a job well done


At the end of each arc it found its mark
And released torment from the soul
As each solid thunk took a generous chunk
From a Nalcor hydro pole


Then came the police whose palms were greased
With the corporations gold
Then uncontested they arrested
The perpetrator we were told


The news report said they brought to court
one Dennis Woodrow Burden
Who stood that day and had his say
And ’tis no doubt we all heard ‘en


Well you can bet that a date was set
To appear before the court
When the date came around guilty he was found
As we listened to the report


The price to pay was determined that day
At the amount of about eight grand
We don’t know why it was so high
And I guess we’ll never understand


But late last fall I know we all
Heard that old axe ring
And it seems to me the final fee
Was about a thousand bucks a swing


Don’t worry Dennis ‘cause all of us
Will help you with your fine
Then one day we might all have a say
And chop down the whole damned line

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