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Rhea Rollmann

Rhea Rollmann has 15 articles published.

An Empty Lot on Eric Street Holds the Key to the City

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A clash between affordable housing advocates, community gardeners, & neighbours neatly illustrates the promises and perils of urban planning in St. John’s.

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RNC Partnership May Be Over, but SHOP is Busier than Ever

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“As long as sex work is criminalized then authorities have a mandate to treat sex workers as criminals. They’re oversurveilled and they’re underprotected.”

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How Budget Day Changed When Media Picked the Attendees

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While stakeholder attendance at the lock-up was smaller than in previous years, representation changed significantly when media shaped the invite list.

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Memorial Grad Students Evicted for Their Own Safety

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GSU consulted with public health officials who warned them the Feild Hall residence could not be kept safe.

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In a Pandemic, Local Journalism is More Valuable than Ever

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Journalism is fundamental to keeping our society and democratic way of life alive as it too faces unprecedented stresses from the pandemic.

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Constabulary and Critics Continue Tense Coexistence

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As International Women’s Day approaches, it’s been nearly a year since Jenny Wright stepped down as Executive Director of the St. John’s Status of Women Council. In October, the Independent revealed RNC and provincial government involvement in the sequence of events leading to her departure. Since that time, there have been a range of responses from community organizations, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, and state officials. Five months after the story emerged, and nearly a year after Wright stepped down, the Independent takes a look at what’s transpired in the wake of the revelations. The provincial government has maintained clear support for key figures involved in the overreach, including Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Chief Joe Boland and now-Deputy Minister for Status of Women Linda Ross. But many important relationships across the community remain strained. The St. John’s Status of Women Council, as well as the Provincial Action Network for the Status of Women…

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Premier Ball Wearing Out the Emperor’s New Clothes

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Well, there it was. The big announcement. The big rate mitigation plan. The rescue plan to save us all from Muskrat Falls, the hydro megaproject that was sold as the province’s future and instead has morphed into the self-destruct button. Ever since they were elected, it seems, the Liberals have been announcing plans to save us from Muskrat Falls. Or more properly speaking, they’ve been announcing plans to come up with plans to save us from Muskrat Falls. Or rather, plans to make plans to come up with plans to save us from Muskrat Falls. Well, you get the idea. Even if you don’t get the plan. (But it’s the Progressive Conservatives’ fault, of course! Have they mentioned that yet?) But this was supposed to be it—the big one. The one we’ve all been waiting for. And what did it turn out to be? You guessed it. They’ve welcomed the…

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“What is a Story For?”: Michelle Porter, Journalist-Poet

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Michelle Porter talks with the Indy about her debut book of poems, writing with purpose, journalism’s place in her poetry, & her favourite Métis literature.

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Don’t Cross Newfoundland and Labrador’s Thick Blue Line

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The circumstances surrounding Jenny Wright’s departure from her post as Executive Director of the St. John’s Status of Women Council (SJSWC) were mysterious from the outset. After five years at the helm of the feminist advocacy group, she abruptly announced her resignation on March 21, 2019. A month later on April 17, CBC published a story reporting on a leaked letter, signed by eight individuals, that was sent to Wright’s employer (the SJSWC Board of Directors) on November 9, 2018. It complained about “damaged relationships” and accused Wright of “creat[ing] a divide within the community sector.” The letter was signed by representatives of five local community groups, one private individual, Linda Ross on behalf of the Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women (PACSW), and Chief Joe Boland on behalf of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC). The signatories demanded an in-camera meeting with Wright’s employer to discuss their concerns,…

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Berni Stapleton is Paving Her Own Path

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Memorial University’s new writer-in-residence talks about inclusive theatre, the power of the province’s past, and her pathbreaking career in the arts.

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The Online Front: Kashmir Conflict Spills Onto Social Media

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“Social media is biased, not to the Left or the Right, but downward,” writes Jaron Lanier. “Negative emotions are being amplified more than positive ones.”

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“We Need Peace”: NL Kashmiris Await News of Loved Ones

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“It’s very important to emphasize that it seems like a political issue—and it is—but at its core, at its heart, what is resonating is humanitarianism.”

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‘Des Solitudes’ Asks Us to Step Outside Ourselves

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“It’s very difficult for some people to recognize that we all have a master, and we all have a slave. It’s something you cannot really talk about.”

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Lela Evans: From Muskrat Falls Protests to MHA

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“I made a commitment to my people and I’m going to live and die with that commitment. I’m going to represent my people.”

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On the Stoppage of Crime

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A modest proposal: that crime is not stopped by terrorizing a city with a guerilla marketing campaign aimed at encouraging people to snitch on the poor.

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