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Election night at NDP Headquarters

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Photographer Susan Morrissey Wyse was at NDP headquarters as the election results rolled in.

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Should crime be an election issue?

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As the Federal Conservatives are pushing through new “tough-on-crime” legislation at the national level, many people are left wondering “why?” The crime rate in Canada, afterall, is the lowest it has ever been in almost 30 years – and that rate has been in general decline during that same time. But here in Newfoundland and Labrador – on the northeast Avalon especially – crime is becoming more and more of a problem. While Stats Canada reports that nationally crime decreased by 4% in 2009, the total crime rate in St. John’s actually saw an increase of 4% – and our capital city now has the seventh-highest metropolitan crime index. With money comes prosperity, but it also brings nastier elements of society – that quite frankly us Newfoundlanders aren’t used to. Disappearing are the days where we can leave our car idling in front of the convenience store, leave our front…

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PHOTO: In Lower Island Cove

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Bluejays & the end of summer

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It’s not autumn yet, but if you set your gaze on the eastern horizon, you can pick out the tops of her sails. Won’t be long now. Which was very much on my mind on the last day of August when I shot this little movie of bluejays swarming my deck, squabbling over some peanuts I’d put out to lure them. August is a summer month; September, a fall month. There’s a pass-over happening. This year especially, when the only weather deserving of the label ‘summer’ came in late August, the feeling was heightened. No matter how nice September turns out to be, it’s still fall. When August ends, summer’s over. But summer is a busy time. There are always plants to be watered; grass to be mowed; chores to be done. So it’s easy to miss the magic of the end of August; to give it no more of…

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PHOTO: Water bomber fights fire in CBS

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A forest fire started yesterday during the afternoon near Red Bridge Road, in Kelligrews, only a few hundred metres from the Conception Bay highway. Hundreds of people lined the highway to watch four firefighters and the water bomber fight the fire, as smoke drifted through Kelligrews and Manuels. It is estimated that 500 – 1,000 square meters burned; investigators are on the scene today to determine the fire’s cause. Source: CBC

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Federal government officially commits to Muskrat Falls

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A recap of the news conference this morning, including photos and the MOU document

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VIDEO BLOG: The end of the food fishery in Flat Rock

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On Sunday, Bruce Bourque had his video camera with him in Flatrock.

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VIDEO: The most interesting people in Newfoundland | Christian Corbet

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A nationally recognized forensic sculptor

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