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Here’s How to Vote in the 2021 NL Election

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Painted mural reading 'VOTE'.

Voting in the 2021 provincial election is easier—and more important—than you might think. So the Independent is here to tell you how.

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The Indy Guide to Buying Weed in Newfoundland and Labrador

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Recreational marijuana has been legal for nearly six months now. But between the wide variety of products on offer and the tendency of many people to react differently to the same drug, even experienced users can find legal cannabis daunting. (When they can find it at all, I mean.) This was the case when my prohibition-era pot supply ran out last week, and I was faced with my first foray into the legal market. But I did some research, checked out the local shops, and crowd-sourced opinions from friends and on Twitter to figure out what’s good in the wonderful world of legalized weed. Here’s what I found:   What to Buy Top Shelf: Broken Coast is the best supplier by universal agreement. If it’s available at your local shop, it’s probably your best bet. They sell four varieties:   Galiano: A sativa dominant hybrid called Northern Lights Haze.  …

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