Chris Velan bares all in ‘The Long Goodbye’

Montreal musician to launch new album in Newfoundland…

It’s been five years since Montreal musician Chris Velan graced the streets of Newfoundland, and now he is returning to launch his newest album The Long Goodbye.

Velan has been immersed in the Montreal music scene since he was young. He began writing songs when he was 15, and as he went through school occupied his free time by playing in bands. It wasn’t until Velan reached his late 20s that he realized being a musician was the only thing he could see himself doing.

As he tip toes to his 40s, Velan still wants nothing more than to continue with his music career. “It makes me happy, it makes me feel fulfilled,” he said in a recent phone interview. “I’ve come to the realization that I can’t see myself not making any more albums. I’ve got tons of songs, I’m always writing.”

With The Long Goodbye, his fifth full length record, Velan illustrates a much more intimate side of himself than with his previous albums. The entire album feeds off the emotional trauma caused by the end of a romance.

“This is very different [from my other albums] because it’s completely unguarded,” Velan explained. “It’s a full break up album. It’s a lot more down tempo, raw and confessional than any other album I’ve done.”

Song after song, The Long Goodbye conjures suppressed memories and ‘should haves’ that run through the minds of lost lovers. “Some people can only take it in small amounts,” Velan noted. Despite the sombre lyrics and gloomy atmosphere of the songs, however, his voice soothes.

Velan says he’s looking forward to performing his new songs in Newfoundland. “There’s something exotic about the energy and the vibe (there),” he complimented.

Chris Velan will perform July 24 at the Arts Centre in English Harbour, and July 25 at The Ship Pub in St. John’s, alongside local folk singer Katie Baggs. Check out for more information and music.

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