A family from Newfoundland living in Bahrain is heading home today after government violence. Bahrain’s leaders are trying to control political unrest, and it’s amounted to tanks rolling past the compound where Newfoundlander Anita Carroll lives in with her family. “They’ve hijacked ambulances and they’re using them to attack people,” says Carroll, “[They’re] closing off hospitals, threatening nurses and staff.” She expects things to get worse. Carroll and her 15-year-old daughter expect to leave today. Her husband, who works for an international engineering company, is heading to Saudi Arabia. These violent clashes began widespread on Tuesday, a day after a Saudi-led military force entered the country to defend its Sunni monarchy from a Shia-led protest movement. A doctor reported that shotgun blasts and clubs were used to injure hundreds of demonstrators. One demonstrator was shot in the head and killed, and a Saudi official said one of his country’s soldiers was shot dead by a protester.