“All of us Liberals owe Kevin a tremendous debt. What he did for the party was absolutely outstanding,” said Chris Decker, a former minister in the Clyde Wells Liberal government of the early 90’s. “[But] my advice to Kevin would be to step aside.” Liberal leaders Kevin Aylward did not win his own riding in Stephenville, which means that the official opposition is left without its leader in the House of Assembly. There are three options ahead for the party: Aylward can step aside and the party can appoint a new interim leader; Aylward can ask one of his elected MHAs to resign so that he can run in a by-election to win a ‘safe’ seat; or he can stay on as leader. Some believe that the latter option is most reasonable – Aylward did not enter into the fray expecting to be the leader long term, but he did good work in the one month of preparation he was given. While the party searches for a new permanent leader, why not keep Aylward to work the in back rooms on re-building? After conceding defeat on Tuesday night in his own riding, Aylward said he had no immediate plans to resign, but suggested he will not be clinging to the position. “My own future will be decided later on,” he said. “When I went into this, it was about keeping the Liberal party alive during this election, and we’ve come out of this very, very well.”

Source: CBC