Elizabeth Towers in St. John’s, which has been made up of assisted-living apartments for seniors for many moons, is going through some big changes. New owner Kevin King bought the building in December, and explains the shift happening: “The building has been condominiumized and we will be going to the market to sell some units in the next few weeks. We’ve sold our commercial space.” Not all of the seniors living there are being uprooted though. King says 48 of the units will be kept as rentals for seniors, and rest of the 102 total units are being sold. The property currently employs about 60 people; King confirmed there would be layoffs. “Over a period of time the care that’s being provided in the building will be phased out.” King previously owned the building, having sold it several years ago, and says this new plan to move away from assisted living brings the building back to what it was originally intended for.
King also owns Tiffany Village in St. John’s, and feels it’s much better suited for assisted living. “[Elizabeth Towers] was never suited for the level of care that it evolved into, and we have another facility that’s much more suited for a higher level of care.”