Newfoundland and Labrador book publisher Clyde Rose is currently on trial for sexual assault. The trial began yesterday in a St. John’s court room and is continuing today. A woman in her 20s, whose name can’t be revealed due to a publication ban, accused Rose of sexually assaulting her on Christmas Day in 2009. Yesterday, she identified Rose in court and took the stand. She testified that Rose was a family friend who was having Christmas dinner with her and her family the night she was assaulted. She said later in the evening, Rose suggested she should meet his daughter, who Rose said was having her own party nearby. The woman said she woke up the next morning naked in Rose’s bed. She said Rose, who was also naked, was touching her and asked whether she liked it. She said she shook off her confusion, put on her clothes and left. The woman testified she remembers nothing of how she ended up in Rose’s bed, but she’s convinced Rose went further that night than just touching her.