Mary Dawson, the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner of Canada, told a House of Commons committee Thursday some rules may have been broken during MacKay’s 2010 summer vacation, when he was picked up from a Newfoundland fishing lodge by a Cormorant search-and-rescue helicopter. A copy of the personal cheque used to pay for his time at the lodge will be sent to the commissioner’s office, MacKay said following question period, which was highlighted by calls to clip the defence minister’s wings. “I’ve taken that step to provide her that information. If she has any questions, she can contact me,” he said. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, until now silent about the controversy, attempted to deflect criticism of MacKay by saying that he has used mostly for soldier repatriation ceremonies. He said Challenger Jet use is down 30% from what the Liberal government before him used.

Source: Winnipeg Free Press