And while on the topic of one Newfoundland MP attempting to accomplish something worthwhile… Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is set to announce its plans in tomorrow’s throne speech to award Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta more seats in the House of Commons. The move is seen as both political and practical; it recognizes growing areas of support for the Conservative party, but also addresses the fact that those province’s are far less represented in the House of Commons than their populations should warrant. In the last Parliament, the Conservatives tried to rebalance the House by creating 18 new seats for Ontario, seven for British Columbia and five for Alberta, taking the House of Commons from 308 to 338 seats – opposition in the minority government at the time prevented those changes from happening, but now with a majority government it would be a good bet that a similar re-alignment will be put forward this time. As a result of the growing number of seats Newfoundland and Labrador, with only 7 seats in the House of Commons, will see its position relative to the House of Commons decline.