Provincial opposition leader Yvonne Jones is pushing for Newfoundland and Labrador to take the initiative to elect its next senator instead of allowing the Prime Minister to arbitrarily make the decision. Jones asked Premier Kathy Dunderdale if she had any plans to follow the lead of provinces like Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia which allow voters to make the choice now that Newfoundland Senator Bill Rompkey has retired. Though the Prime Minister is not legally bound to choose the individuals who provinces elect, Stephen Harper has indicated and shown in the past that if provinces do take the initiative to put it to a vote, he will respect that choice; an elected Senate on a national scale has a goal of the Conservative party for quite some time. Jones says that elections would put an end to political appointments, as many have been critical of Fabian Manning’s appointment and re-appointment to the Senate. Premier Dunderdale says she is not about to put “energy” into the issue as she is busy with other provincial affairs.