It was a hard day to be on the St. John’s Heritage Committee; two separate proposals which the group recommended be rejected or modified made it through the votes yesterday at City Council. A major new parking garage – being built as part of a massive new condominium development on between Duckworth Street and Henry Street – was finally approved after its third try to meet the committee’s approval, despite continuing concerns of the height of the garage element. Also, Marriott was given the go-ahead to use a skywalk to connect its existing building on Duckworth with a planned expansion across the street despite concerns from the committee. In the end most of council voted to accept the proposal, arguing that it just makes sense. Councillor Gerry Colbert says with a number of other pedways downtown, he fails to understand what the issue is. Click here to check out the Skyscraper Forum page with pictures of the proposed development and its location.