St. John’s taxi driver Colin Hanames says a passenger attacked him with a knife on Friday. He said it started with the passenger seeming to not know where he wanted to go. “He gave me an address to go to. Once we arrived there it wasn’t the address he wanted to go to and from there on he gave me another one which involved going to the bank,” said Hanames. After a half hour of driving around St. John’s, the man got out of the taxi and said he couldn’t pay. Hanames said the man kicked the cab, and when he got out of the driver’s seat to look at the damage, the man attacked him. “I caught him out of the corner of my eye running back at me. When I turned around I noticed the knife in his hand and I was trying to grapple with him and hold his arm away… to keep him from puncturing me with the knife,” he said. Hanames managed to fight his way back into his car and radio for help, then, with the man still holding on, Hanames stepped on the gas. The man let go and took off to a nearby home. Police later arrested the alleged attacker.