Ocean Choice International, which late last month closed fish plants in Marystown and Port Union, is now butting heads with the FFAW about its future plans. OCI is requesting that, by December 31st, the province extend or grant exemptions to export unprocessed redfish and yellowtail fish to Asian markets that want less filleted product. The company contends that with these exemptions the company can create 110 full-time jobs onshore in the plant at Fortune plus 150 jobs at sea. But the union doesn’t like the plan. “We believe that unless government steps in now, its ability to have any control whatsoever over the disposition of those really valuable public resources is lost for good,” McCurdy said after a news conference Tuesday. “In very short order, there will be no restriction whatsoever on the company’s ability to ship every single pound … out of the province unprocessed. We’ll have no shore-based employment whatsoever in this province.” Meanwhile, Newfoundland and Labrador’s Fisheries Minister Darin King responded to McCurdy at a news conference on Tuesday, accusing the union leader of spreading “false hope” and “pushing propaganda.” King says the Province is reviewing OCI’s proposal.

Source: The Canadian Press