Polls for the 41st general federal election in Canada are now open until 8:30 NL time, and 8:00 in Labrador. Newfoundlanders have the pleasure of choosing to return all seven of its incumbents to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, or mixing it up a bit. For exclusive coverage and information on how to and when to vote, visit TheIndependent.ca’s special election 2011 feature page.

Close races tonight are in store in the ridings of Avalon and St. John’s South-Mount Pearl. Political observers nationally will be watching intently to answer 5 questions which could have significant implications on the future of the political climate in our country: will the Conservatives finally gain a majority? How will the NDP’s recent surge translate into new seats? Will the Liberals be pushed into third place? Will the Bloc Quebecois be badly damaged? Will the Green Party finally win a seat?

Whatever the case may be, if you are in need of a ride to your polling station, call any of the candidates in your riding and they will be happy to oblige. Also, Memorial University’s student union is offering free rides to the polls.