Winter is back. Wait, it never really went anywhere… The sun was starting to shine harder and snow banks were starting to melt, but today — more snow, more school closures, more dicey areas of the TCH to warn about. Environment Canada has issued warnings from St. John’s all the way to St. Anthony, with the storm expected to drop as much as 35 centimetres of snow today and into Saturday morning. “You’re looking at a very, very intense winter storm,” said Wanda Rideout, who works at Environment Canada’s office in Gander. Rideout said winds — mostly from the north and northeast — will gain speed during the day, with peaks between 70 and 90 km/h by Friday night. If you’ve considered driving on the highway between Whitbourne and St. John’s, cops are saying to avoid it. Driving in higher elevations was described as ‘treacherous and unsafe’. If you’re flying today, check online before heading to the airport. And if you need to grab a bus in St. John’s, no luck — buses are off the road today. Best to stay put in your PJs if possible.