“No matter what any politician might say over the next couple of weeks, it is not the job of government to make work, beyond perhaps creating a job for themselves. The point is that governments shouldn’t be in the business of creating jobs for the sake of creating jobs. I believe that’s where the misconception that rural Newfoundland and Labrador is being ignored comes from. It comes from those who see government as something it isn’t, or at least shouldn’t be.” TheIndependent.ca’s Myles Higgins cuts to the chase in his latest, and asks some tough questions about rural Newfoundland. Click here to read.

Also, “I’ve been thinking a lot about Plato over the last year or so. The Republic has long been understood as a treatise on implementing the perfectly ordered society, a handbook for totalitarians—but in fact, I don’t think it’s that at all.” Yep, philosopher Matthew Furlong is back with his latest entry in his column series “In Our Present Crisis”. Read Love in Collapse by clicking here.