“So the idea is to replace Holyrood. I get it. Holyrood is an ECOnomist’s nightmare. Lots of nasty carbon for a mere 500 MW of power – and the costs will only keep going up. So we have to replace it right? [PS Holyroodians, did you notice they’re planning to kill your jobs?] But nobody said it HAS to be with the Lower Churchill. Well, except Nalcor/Navigant.” Read Brandon Party’s “Lower(ed) Churchill Expectations” – a look at the Lower Churchill from Labrador – by clicking here.

Taking on an exclusively online project like The Independent, it would be remiss for us not to thank Steve Jobs for all that he has done for the world of computing and technology. Jobs, the co-founder and visionary of Apple computers, changed the world with his gadgetry, and has made what we are doing possible. Jobs passed away yesterday at the age of 56. Visit the Apple website for a nice tribute to him here.