Today John Nick Jeddore is back with A look at traditional medicine – past and present. His column “Traditional Voice” is written from his perspective of a Mi’kmaw from Miawpukek First Nations, NL. “There were and are many aspects of healing in our culture: there are spiritual locations around my community where healing takes place, spiritual people (puoin) who were responsible for healing those in the community, and the medicine itself, which is completely derived from plants found on this land. The information in this column derives from stories I’ve been told and things I’ve read over the years. The effectiveness and safety of what I write about cannot be confirmed and everything included in this column should be for information purposes only!” Read the interesting article here.

Also, Ryan Belbin chimes in with his review of the first full CD release from St. John’s band “Repartee”. “Meg Warren and her band of electro-pop troubadours are as fun as a Friday night, without the Saturday hangover.” Read here. Matthew Ryder gives his take on “50/50”, a comedy based on a subject that’s not very funny. “What ensues is a tale of a young man faced with the toughest battle a person can face, and the steps he has to take to win it. That probably reads like harrowing drama, and at times it is, but it’s as much a tale of the relationships a man in that predicament has and the ones that prove themselves in the darkest hours.” Click here to read.

And if you’re stuck without some reading for the long weekend, why not flip through the PC, Liberal, and NDP platforms here. There is an election on Tuesday afterall.