“This rant is not about rape in and of itself. There’s no need to go on further about the square-jawed evil of the act, nor the perturbations it sends down the line of the victim’s life. But, seeing a cop-out card being offered to the violators by mentioning the victim’s attire makes me cringe.” Read The Independent‘s latest column “Acid & Base” which “provides an eclectic monthly offering: fits of profane pique and seizures of skeptical observation”. Be warned that the article does contain some explicit language. Click here to read.

Also, Ryan Belbin reviews the latest offering from the once. “If you can play a few chords and know the words to “The Islander” (“I’m a Newfoundlander, born and bred, and I’ll be one ’til I die . . .”) then you can get a gig in St. John’s. You might even be good enough to keep at it for a while, but if you’re in it for the long haul, you need something else. The folk trio that is the Once – Geraldine Hollett, Phil Churchill, and Andrew Dale – have that extra something and are poised to take up the reigns of successful folk acts from this province with their sophomore album, Row Upon Row of the People They Know.” Click here to read.