“I was however, intrigued and dismayed that Aboriginal issues were (almost) completely ignored in this election,” says Brandon Pardy in his latest column. “Now I realize when you start talking about Aboriginal issues, especially in this province, peoples’ eyes glaze over at best, and hackles raise at worst. I’m not saying this is a racist province, but I have seen a lot of uninformed opinions floating around out there. Now why on earth should we care about Aboriginal issues? I’ve got three main reasons why.” To see what these three reasons are, read the latest entry in “View from the Mainland” by clicking here.

Also, if you missed it yesterday, Hans Rollmann wrote that the Conservative plan to change federal representation is something our Province ought to be worried about. “But what needs to be asked is where is our province – and its representatives, from the provincial government to our federal MPs – and what are they doing to prevent us from losing even more political representation than the meagre amount we currently have?” Click here to read. Also, Keith Collier reviews Ian Foster’s latest album “The Evening Light” here.