In case you missed it yesterday afternoon, Kieran Hanley dissected the woes of the provincial Liberal party – what their path was to achieving just 6% of the popular vote in St. John’s, and what their challenges are ahead. Click here to read “Is it too late for the Liberal party?” Also, The Independent has started following three willing participants of the “Movember” campaign to raise funds to fight prostate cancer; keep track of their growing moustaches here.

Today Brandon Pardy is asking Newfoundland, on behalf of Labrador, to let the mainland portion of the province ‘get with the times’. “But in these modern times where Labradorians (and tourists/truckers) can drive from Wabush to L’anse au Claire to catch a ferry in Blanc Sablon, driving through three time zones doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Yes, I said three.” Read more here.