There’s lots to sift through on our website. First, Hans Rollmann chimes in with the Election Roundup, which will bring you up to speed on everything that’s happened in the world of NL politics this past week. Click here to read this valuable election resource.

“Mongolia can be a shock to the system. Culture shock, much like an addiction or a grieving process, has a series of phases that the sufferer struggles through in an effort to come to terms with their new environment, and we hit them all in Mongolia.” This is from Sherrie McCarthy’s latest entry in her column “Chasing Summer”, which tracks her travels around the world on motorcycle. Click here to take a read.

Also on deck today: photos and audio from Flogging Molly’s performance at The Majestic Theatre courtesy of Susan Morrissey-Wyse (click here), and a few recipes in shameless support of Kraft’s Hockeyville in CBS (click here).