Gardening 101

Gardening 101.10

You’re working in partnership with nature, but nature is sometimes indifferent to the success of the joint venture. In fact, sometimes you’d swear nature was giving you the finger.

Latest in Gardening 101

Leaf lettuce seedlings in cell pack

Gardening 101.5

Carbs? Protein? Polyunsaturated fats? French fries? Tofu? What should you feed plants to make them grow up strong and healthy? Herein, all is revealed.
Yellow Pole Bean Seedling

Gardening 101.4

Planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, watering, thinning. Hunter/gatherer is so last week. We’re getting into agriculture.
Sprouting Bean

Gardening 101.3

In which is discussed the buying of baby plants from garden centres, along with the starting of one’s own plants. And stuff.

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