Amidst all of the construction in the “suburbs” and the high density developments slated for downtown St. John’s this decade, there is one area on the Avalon that will be undeniably indistinguishable from what exists today: Pleasantville. That change is already taking place.

A new large long-term care centre is in the middle of its construction on the old Janeway site. Lakeside construction has begun a new Forces building which will service the entirety of the Forces personnel who are being displaced from the rest of the property. Why are they being displaced? The remainder of the Pleasantville property is being developed by Canada Lands as an entirely new residential community. And let’s not forget that, across the lake, Her Majesty’s Penitentiary – originally built in 1859 – won’t last for much longer. As the provincial government explores options for a new jail, you can bet that many developers have dreams for that piece of land.

All of this amounts to great change, and in ten years this area of the capital city will be remarkably different. Take a look at the map below to see how significant these changes could be.