Criticism continuing to build over rescue centre closure

“It’s actually incomprehensible. Basically, what I see this as, is the federal government saying they don’t care about the lives of people in Newfoundland and Labrador.” – Lorraine Michael, leader of the provincial NDP

“Everything we’ve heard in the last couple of years with the Cougar crash all point to the need for improved services. It’s just mindboggling that a decision like this has been made.” – Provincial fisheries minister Clyde Jackman

“Safety of the fishermen out working, and fisherpeople? Should be top priority. But (it) seems like the government just don’t care.” – Skipper Darryl Percy

“Here we’ve got a rescue co-ordinating centre with coast guard people who know every nook and cranny, thousands of kilometres of coast line, to move that out of Newfoundland and Labrador is an act of negligence,” – Jack Harris, MP for St. John’s East

“The PM closes the NL office for Marine Rescue due to costs yet can afford to fly the Challenger jet to Boston for a hockey game. Priorities!” – Former Newfoundland MP Siobhan Coady

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