Fish harvesters take over DFO in Corner Brook

Fish harvesters from Port aux Basques to the Strait of Belle Isle descended into Corner Brook yesterday to occupy Department of Fisheries and Oceans offices and make their stand. The harvesters are protesting a decision by the DFO to not allow fishing of both halibut and turbot in the area, and are asking for the government to open up the fishery for just ten days. The harvesters believe that they are being treated differently by DFO as Newfoundlanders – as Quebec fishermen are allowed to fish the same species that harvesters from this province are not allowed to go after. Jan Woodford, DFO’s regional director of communications, said that while the department recognizes the “right of individuals to protest and voice their concerns in a reasonable manner … DFO does not engage in discussions with any person or group who is occupying or blocking access to our facilities.”

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