Ignatieff’s turn to talk

The N.L. Liberal party rolls out the red carpet for their leader

With Harper’s blue bus long since gone after last Thursday’s visit, Michael Ignatieff rolled into St. John’s on Monday to paint the town red. There were no protesters in sight — just a room full of Liberal supporters and curious minds.

“This is my first time. I expect it to be loud by the looks of it. It should be pretty interesting. I’m actually pretty interested in what he’s going to say about the different issues. I really want to hear what he’s going to say about the Lower Churchill, cause that’s really interesting. That’s a huge issue here in Newfoundland now. I’m also interested in the national drug plan…all the other major countries, they all have national drug plans, so I think that will be really really important.” —Rebecca Walsh

“There’s a tremendous support for the Liberal party right across Newfoundland and Labrador for all the Federal candidates out there running under the Liberal banner. He says that he supports green energy in Canada, which I think we should all support. My understanding is he’ll support Muskrat Falls given that it’s economically viable for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. If it was economically viable we’d see a lot more support for it in the province. Unfortunately the deal that’s now on the table is not viable.” —Yvonne Jones

“Liberal all me life, from day one, but they got a fight on their hands with Harper. They’ve got to do more for the seniors, pension-wise. When you turn 65 you lose part of your pension and that should never be.” —Ralph Wells

“Now you stand on the threshold of the next great watershed for Newfoundland and Labrador. you’re gonna become, you’re gonna take the step into, green energy power. Muskrat falls is gonna happen. And that changes everything. Muskrat falls is gonna happen, and if the numbers add up for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, a liberal government will be there, we’re in.

“But you all know that gull Island is next, the next project is coming on. we have to think big. We have to think with imagination and vision here. And for 5 years we had a prime minister playing one province against the other, playing small ball instead of the long stuff. The vision stuff. The ideas that bring Canadians together.

“The whole of the North American continent is crying for green power. Ontario needs it, the Atlantic provinces need it, the northeastern states need it. We’ve got a choice here, we can chop our energy markets into five or 6 little pieces and will never be world players. This is a time in which we have to have the vision to stand tall an think, how do we do this all for Canada.” —Michael Ignatieff

“My main focus is to be here with my constituents that supported me down through the years and just listen and see what’s going on here this evening and take it from there. I think we’re going to see some good races — I don’t think they’re going to sweep it and I don’t think we’re going to sweep it. Mr. Harper is going to be hard to beat, I believe that.” —Roland Butler, Liberal MHA, Port Au Grave

“This is the core issue. Do you trust Stephen Harper. Do you trust him after what he did on the Atlantic accord. Boy I think you seem to know the answer. But I’ll tell you something about this issue of trust. The question is, can you trust Stephen Harper, and the answer is, just ask Danny Williams. Just ask Danny. Danny knows the answer to that question.

“This is what we’re in politics for. Equality of rights. Equality of responsibility. Equality of opportunity. But above all… equality of hope for all our citizens. We’ve got a prime minister who wants to scare the Canadian people. Make em scared. Make em afraid of instability. Make em afraid of democracy, make em afraid of their neighbor, make em afraid of everybody. And all I know … [is] the politics of hope will beat the politics of fear every time.

“And this here, is the politics of hope in book form. You’re gonna download it, you’re gonna take it out to your neighbors, you’re gonna take it out to your friends, you’re gonna knock on every door, you’re gonna work like hell for the next 30 days, and you’re going to prove to Canada, you’re going to prove to Newfoundland and Labrador what I said. Politics of hope will always vanquish the politics of fear.” —Michael Ignatieff

“I’m undecided. I came down to see what he had to offer Newfoundland, more so than to make a decision based on today, because I’d like to see what Jack Layton is bringing to the table. But I think [Ignatieff] has a good understanding of what we’re looking for. I think everyone’s got an edge on Harper, aside from anyone who’s a capitalist, ya know. [With regards to Muskrat Falls] anyone who’s smart right now would not denounce that for the sheer fact that they would lose so much.” —Mark Benson

“I think it was a great outcome here, quite a few people. I was over protesting against Harper when he was here. I can tell you on thing, I’m anti-Harper. Ignatieff is talking about more than just Newfoundland, more than the Maritimes. He’s looking right across Canada. I’ve been a liberal for a long time, but I don’t like the way Harper’s getting on now. I’ve had respect for some of the Torry leaders through the years. But this fellow, I don’t respect him as a person. I can’t. He lies, he’s arrogant, and an autocrat.” —Roy Upshall

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