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NDP MP Jack Harris wants assurances for Goose Bay

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Yesterday The Independent picked up on an Ottawa Citizen report that the Department of National Defense was considering closing military bases; Liberal Senator Colin Kenny, though not involved in any decisions but very familiar with the subject, cited CFB Goose Bay specifically as a base that had become redundant. NDP MP Jack Harris questioned the government about the report in the House of Commons: “CFB Goose Bay contributes over $75 million to Newfoundland and Labrador’s gross domestic product, and 5 Wing Goose Bay has served our country with distinction with its strategic northern location.” He received a typical Question Period response from Peter MacKay, the Minister of National Defense: “The new member from Newfoundland and Labrador that is now sitting as part of the federal cabinet in the Conservative government has made incredible efforts to ensure that we continue to make these historic efforts in Gander and Goose Bay, and…

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