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Animals can love too

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Love is not just a human characteristic; all animals are capable of it. Here are a few examples from our homestead of the relationships and bonds animals can form.

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Mad people, sane ducks

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Or, recent events at the St. John’s campus…

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SPCA divided over “no-kill” policy; resignations take place

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“I don’t believe in keeping animals in cages for months and months and months. I don’t know where the animals are going to go. It just wouldn’t be possible in that little [SPCA] building and I would hate to see animals refused,” said Debbie Powers, long-time animal protection advocate in St. John’s. A divide forming within animal rights activists over the euthanizing of animals also saw Susan Deir leave her position; Deir was the organization’s manager for 22 years and Powers was its executive director for even longer. Powers said she resigned from the organization because she is not comfortable with the direction it appears to be going, indicating that 16 nominations at the organization’s general meeting from a no-kill centre in the city were an indicator of that direction. What do you think? Should animals be kept alive despite tight funding and space restrictions? Source: CBC

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Bluejays & the end of summer

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It’s not autumn yet, but if you set your gaze on the eastern horizon, you can pick out the tops of her sails. Won’t be long now. Which was very much on my mind on the last day of August when I shot this little movie of bluejays swarming my deck, squabbling over some peanuts I’d put out to lure them. August is a summer month; September, a fall month. There’s a pass-over happening. This year especially, when the only weather deserving of the label ‘summer’ came in late August, the feeling was heightened. No matter how nice September turns out to be, it’s still fall. When August ends, summer’s over. But summer is a busy time. There are always plants to be watered; grass to be mowed; chores to be done. So it’s easy to miss the magic of the end of August; to give it no more of…

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