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Violence and the child

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The importance of realizing the connections in violence

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Man in Corner Brook says he saw RNC assault woman during arrest

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Frank Ledrew says that he say a disturbing scene unfold with the RNC on Saturday night. He says that he saw a woman, 45, who is from Ontario and who had just received a phone call informing her that her son had been murdered there, break down and lay on the ground, kicking her legs in the air and screaming, and was hysterical as two RNC officers arrived on the scene. “They moved in on her quickly,” Ledrew told CBC News. “I saw a woman in distress [and a] hysterical nervous breakdown,” he said in an interview. “I saw a police officer kick her, call her a slut and throw her into the back of a cruiser.” The RNC has not commented on Ledrew’s allegations. Source: CBC

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