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On a Moroccan Roll

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How could a discovery beneath the seafloor of Atlantic Canada enable prospectors to locate oil in North Africa? It’s all thanks to our old friend, plate tectonics…

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Drilling fluid spill off Newfoundland coast

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The Telegram is reporting that about 600 litres of drilling fluid has spilled from the GSF Grand Banks mobile drilling rig. It’s the third time for such a spill this year, and second in a month and half; in September, 5,000 litres were spilled in the water. The C-NLOPB announced yesterday that Husky Energy reported the spill of what’s known as “synthetic based mud,” or SBM, during normal drilling operations, which have been suspended. Source: The Telegram

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VIDEO BLOG: A day in Cape Spear

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A video with stunning views, an ocean as blue as it is fierce, and playful whales.

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