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How not reading impairs social and political participation

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“The greatest boon parents can give their children is to inculcate in them a love of reading at the earliest age…”

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Library closures “more symbolic than economically driven”

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The tax on books and cuts to libraries will seriously damage the thriving literary culture in Newfoundland. These cuts will destroy the cultural hubs of communities, and show a cynicism this government needs to redress.

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Introducing the People to People Library

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Where conventional libraries fall short, people sharing ingenuity and building community stand tall

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Peter takes on the worst of today’s bestsellers, including ‘Fifty Shades’ and ‘Twilight’. Warning: this contains language that will offend the easily offended. (However, if you’ve read ‘Fifty Shades’ or ‘Twilight’, there are no crimes he could commit against language that you’ve not already seen.)

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Bruce Bourque gives us his two cents’ worth on what delights are to be found in Michael Crummey’s Galore, now a bit of an oldie to many fans, but still a goodie.

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