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The power and potential of hatred

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A St. John’s theatre group is bringing to life a Wyoming community’s reaction to an unspeakable hate crime with “The Laramie Project,” which runs at LSPU Hall, Nov. 28 – Dec. 1.

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Why we should call things by their name

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The case of Amanda Todd: not just about bullying

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Of Bullying and Bloggers

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Why do we tolerate bullies in our midst?

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Rick Mercer standing up for gay teens

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Bullying has been a topic that has enraged Rick Mercer for quite some time. The bullying of young homosexuals is an issue that he is now trying to fight. Obviously touched by the death of 15-year-old Jamie Hubley, a gay Ottawa teenager who committed suicide after being bullied, Mercer’s rant this week calls on more gay adults to act as role models for gay teens, to help avoid tragedies like Hubey’s. “Jamie Hubley was 15 years old. Any chance that he had to have someone to look up to as an example was obviously very important,” said Mercer. Source: CBC

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