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Hands That Feed, Pt. 2: the Paradox of Essential Food Charity

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Food charity is putting a band-aid on a deadly and insidious gangrene—which corporate power and government inaction allows to fester in our communities.

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Food for Thought about Charity

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Don’t let philanthropy, government or otherwise, work as a silencer, even if our media opts for cheerleading the charity game instead of asking the hard questions.

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Talking Turkeys

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Food banks were supposed to be a temporary measure, not an institution. Could our energies be better spent tackling income inequality, rather than institutionalizing charity?

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Call in the taxmen

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How the Harper Government is destroying civil society and why that will hurt us all

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The myopia of charitable giving

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Lewis Kearney’s story tugs on the heartstrings, but is charity the best or only response?

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The trouble with charity

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Giving and generosity may reduce the burden of immediate suffering and desperation, but if we’re serious about finding long term solutions we can begin by questioning why some have so much while others have so little

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Tiny Tim needed more than turkey

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…and so do a growing number of Canadians

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